Saint Barnabas by-the-Bay Church

Where all are welcome
Saint Barnabas by-the-Bay Episcopal Church
The Reverend Lisa A. Hoffman, Vicar
13 West Bates Avenue
Villas, New Jersey 08251
(down the street from Gaiss Market, Bayshore Road and Bates Avenue)

Saint Barnabas by-the-Bay Church, office, and parish hall are wheelchair binary option in india accessible.

“Where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." (Matthew 18:20)

Wherever you see the name Saint Barnabas by-the-Bay Church in print, it typically is paired with this line: Where ALL Are Welcome! Folks at Saint Barnabas are a friendly group, an outgoing group, a group happy to welcome you into our church family.

The members of Saint Barnabas by-the-Bay Church emphasize that, as a Christian community, we welcome all who seek to know and serve our Lord Jesus Christ in their spiritual journey. We welcome binary option legal in india every person, without regard to age, sex, race, sexual orientation, physical ability, mental ability, spiritual background, past sins, addictions, financial resources, and so on. Just as Jesus does, Saint Barnabas Church welcomes everyone.

The mission of Saint Barnabas by-the-Bay Episcopal Church is to bear witness to God as known in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and as proclaimed through the Holy Spirit and by our patron Barnabas and his fellow apostles. We do this by:

§ Emphasizing spiritual growth through the worship of God in the Episcopal tradition 
§ Providing pastoral care to make the Gospel relevant in people's lives
§ Educating people in the Christian faith 
§ Responding to the needs of people in our community

All the Members - young, old, and in between - of the Saint Barnabas by-the-Bay Church Family 

The Reverend Lisa A. Hoffman 609-435-5543
For pastoral emergencies 908-907-1264

The Reverend Susan E. Cushinotto  609-513-3038

Vicar's Warden: Maureen Kersch 609-889-2584
Peoples' Warden: Nicki Wynnefield 609-364-0326
Secretary: Leslie Flick 609-886-2625
Treasurer:: Barbara Southard

Other Ministries:
Church Secretary: Leslie Flick 609-886-5960
Food Bank Coordinator: Leslie Flick 609-886-5960
Clothes Closet Coordinator: The Reverend Susan E. Cushinotto 609-513-3038
Church School: Rosemary Hilvert 609-884-7909
Altar Guild: Doris Dorsett 609-889-0356
Music Minister: Judy Curtis
Music Minister: John Curtis​